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Low End - Graphic Enhancer 2.0

Created by maikepax
Added March 4, 2018
Updated 5 Mar 01:59 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This preset is for the people with Low-End PCs ""And now for High-End too" :D """""PLEASE Read the 2.0 Changes (End of the description)"""""" >>>Now this preset can be used with high-end users without crazy graphical felling.<<< --- The game itself is very blurry, especially if you can't play on high settings. So, with this preset you will get: ► Sharp and better Textures ► No blurry ► Better contrast ► Better graphics with almost no hit on performance --- If you are worried if there is any loss of performance with this preset, do not worry. The hit on performance is only 2~5% on GPU Load (depend on your GPU, i use a Gt 1030). --- This is a very simple preset without use of anti-aliasing or any other demanding graphic effect, is only a contrast and sharpness setting. ► With 2.0 Version i made a little changes on some settings and add FXAA and CA (Same or more performance than last version). :D --- VERSION 1.0: I recommend use the FXAA or no anti-aliasing instead of the TAA, because the TAA is very blurry and demanding for low end GPUs. For 2.0 VERSION: If you use FXAA, please disable this option in game :), if you use TAA, the FXAA will stack without problems on the game and probably will make the Hair of characters more detailed. --- How to install?? ► You just need to extract the Winrar file to your Final Fantasy XV Demo/Final Game main directory. ► Now you only need to start your game and press OK when a Window ask and see the diference (Very simple). ► To togle on/off the Preset just press Scroll Lock on your keyboard. --- ► Link for the (1.0 VERSION): https://mega.nz/#!qZ1GVCRI!DyePhGYZ0GTKuJIzbxGWzpyWSu9fOJ88q_-yM0iOQa0 -x- ► Link for the (2.0 VERSION): https://mega.nz/#!vRMF1BLa!535SDiQfQVaU-uMCcCvjBt97lk12_kGamOE5WZTSY6c --- UPDATE 2.0 I made a little changes on the Preset, and now have a little less hit on performance and better quality. Changes: ► Remove FilmGrain ► Little changes on Contrast and Sharpness to be less exaggerated ► Light CA (Chromatic Aberration) effect added ► Overall better graphics than the first version (See the 4 new comparative screenshots). Obs.: For low end users, please disable FXAA in game, the Preset already have a better and less blurry FXAA version without hit on performance. --- Obs.: To uninstall this Preset only delete this file -> dxgi.dll :D
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1.0 VERSION: https://mega.nz/#!qZ1GVCRI!DyePhGYZ0GTKuJIzbxGWzpyWSu9fOJ88q_-yM0iOQa0 2.0 VERSION (Recommended): https://mega.nz/#!vRMF1BLa!535SDiQfQVaU-uMCcCvjBt97lk12_kGamOE5WZTSY6c


6 Mar 00:30 CET

Hey kalictong, maybe this problem is due to the Windows blocking the access of the folder. Try to reinstall the preset or open your game in adm mode. Or if you know how to install the reshade 1.14.0 + SweetFX 2.0 install on your game and just put the SweetFX_Settings.txt of my preset on the SweetFX folder.

4 Mar 17:13 CET

Hello, your preset looks good, only when I try to install my game says there is an error and goes out! I look at the dxgi.txt and it blocks at sweet.fx.

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