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(Vice City Rage) ExtraBleem

Created by RataGaymerPro
Added March 20, 2018
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
How to inject: 1. Copy all files into your GTA IV folder. 2. Then open the game. 3. Press the second key of your Numpad and select the file "vcremaster.ini". Enjoy!
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Injected some Bloom, Fog, Vibrance, DoF, MXAO, etc. Reduces like 10-15 FPS. Uploaded to MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!k19hlYLI!Ltiblrh7A3lgFinuMemHmr1SLtoYSaDEsxIRWqBvWQA


23 Mar 03:22 CET

My PC it's crap for run this game, 30 FPS, worst if I record, I'll do a gameplay in like 3 months I guess, idk.

22 Mar 15:48 CET

i love how it looks! but i surely don't have decent pc to play it, can you record a gameplay with it and upload it on youtube? thanks a lot, i just wanna see this graphics in motion

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