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Shadow FOR the Tomb Raider | Filmic PWR.

Created by Fan4eG
Added Sept. 11, 2018
Updated 28 Jul 15:03 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Here is it! Ill tried to make as much as possible cinematographically and at the same time realistic, in the spirit of the Tomb Raider. Preset using DX10-12. The picture in the screenshot and in the game may differ from you on yours individual monitor settings. In screenshots, the preset looks darker than it actually is. I advise you to disable any anti-aliasing and enjoy the picture. On my PC, the preset consumes about ~10fps. If u wanna see few more fps - press Numpad1 to disable Clarity. New screenshots soon... I use this:
Ⅰ. Go to https://is.gd/ZIJS8M Ⅱ. Download the installer. Ⅲ. Install by selecting the game's executable from the folder where the game is installed. Ⅳ. Of the shaders you are given to choose to download, choose the ones I've put on my list up here. Ⅴ. Open the game and press Shift+F2, do the tutorial and create [Pushing "+" button] a preset called whatever you want. Ⅵ. Go to "game".exe folder and open 'YOURNAME".ini Ⅶ. Copy my preset from here down below [Press Show Settings] and paste in ur .ini Ⅷ. Thats all. Enjoy.
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Effects=Clarity.fx,Technicolor2.fx,AdaptiveSharpen.fx,Colourfulness.fx,FakeHDR.fx,FilmicPass.fx,FXAA.fx PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=Clarity,Colourfulness,HDR,FilmicPass,Technicolor2,DELC_Sharpen TechniqueSorting=Clarity,Colourfulness,HDR,FilmicPass,Technicolor2,DELC_Sharpen [Clarity.fx] ClarityBlendIfDark=50 ClarityBlendIfLight=205 ClarityBlendMode=4 ClarityDarkIntensity=0.400000 ClarityLightIntensity=0.000000 ClarityOffset=2.000000 ClarityRadius=4 ClarityStrength=0.400000 ClarityViewBlendIfMask=0 ClarityViewMask=0 [Colourfulness.fx] backbuffer_bits=8.000000 colourfulness=0.225000 col_noise=4294967295 enable_dither=0 lim_luma=0.700000 [Curves.fx] Contrast=0.615000 Formula=7 Mode=2 [FakeHDR.fx] HDRPower=1.112000 radius1=0.525000 radius2=0.555000 [FilmicPass.fx] BaseCurve=2.800000 BaseGamma=0.900000 Bleach=0.200000 BlueCurve=1.300000 Contrast=1.000000 EffectGamma=0.950000 EffectGammaB=1.530000 EffectGammaG=0.750000 EffectGammaR=0.900000 Fade=0.300000 GreenCurve=0.880000 Linearization=0.580000 LumCoeff=0.491998,0.492059,0.955882 RedCurve=0.900000 Saturation=-0.245000 Strength=0.730000 [qUINT_sharp.fx] DEPTH_MASK_ENABLE=1 RMS_MASK_ENABLE=1 SHARPEN_MODE=1 SHARP_STRENGTH=1.000000 [Technicolor2.fx] Brightness=0.900000 ColorStrength=0.060554,0.274510,0.173899 Saturation=0.865000 Strength=0.400000


13 Oct 13:42 CEST

works well with reShade 4.5.0 (supporting DX12). A little bit too redish (firecamp is yellow but become a bit redish once preset enabled, same for the sun...). But it's anyway better than default colors from the game.

26 Nov 16:39 CET

Thanks bro :)

22 Oct 12:18 CEST

Thank u, Ex3cut3r!

18 Oct 03:31 CEST

Absoultey fantastic dude, playing this @ 3440x1440 with DSR @ 5160x2160 @ RTX 2080 clocked @ 2000/7700mhz with Max Details and SMAA t2x. Getting about 40-30 FPS but the graphic fidelity you get at those settings are worth it, and with a PS4 Pad is absoultey playable.

18 Sep 02:37 CEST

shad, you are welcome (:

17 Sep 08:56 CEST

i love it just the way it is bro. thanks so much

16 Sep 15:12 CEST

shad, yeah. Ill make it a little bit brighter, cuz on my monitor it looks even more brighter n preset looked darker on the rest of the monitors (without Black Equalizer). sooo yeah.

16 Sep 14:15 CEST

I saw that you had a update on this. I feel like the first one is perfect. Dude im loving this game so much because of this....thank god I found this site. Thank you once again

15 Sep 17:51 CEST

shad, ur welcome.

15 Sep 11:13 CEST

amazing thank you

15 Sep 02:37 CEST

It's a shame. I love reshade, but the game runs so much smoother with DX12. The sacrifice =(

14 Sep 13:15 CEST

higaseiti, Reshade never turns anything off. only you have such a problem.

14 Sep 04:05 CEST

Its disable my buttons of joy xbox...

13 Sep 12:58 CEST

X1aoWayne, forkinatorr -any Reshade doesnt support DX12!

13 Sep 09:38 CEST

Yeah i cant seem to get reshade to work. Wonder if its because of DX12?

13 Sep 07:22 CEST

Is this present using DX12 or DX11?I cannot use the Reshade after opening the DX12

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