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Ooh, Witcher 3 traffic!
Posted 9 years ago
As some of you might have noticed, a game called Witcher 3 have been released some days ago. And, as a result of that, this site has had over six times the visitors the last 3 days, going from around 8.000 sessions per day to just under 50.000 sessions per day (and half a million pages served)! And it looks like it'll be the same today :) And the server is holding up fine, with around 25% of it's resources used. I found these numbers awesome, so sharing them with y'all! And we currently have 150gb worth of screenshots on this site now ^^ And to all you new people, Welcome! Have a great time and find that one preset that's perfect for you. Or make it, and share it with others! And don't forget to actually play the game too ;)
Posted 9 years ago
I've been coming to this site for years, love the simple design and presentation. Never change!
Posted 9 years ago
Interesting, was the traffic similar when GTA V released?
Posted 9 years ago
No, if anything the traffic went slightly down when GTA V was released. Session graph: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2401158/random/sfx_traffic.PNG
Posted 9 years ago
Dat spike. Probably cuz of the supposed Graphics Downgrade. IDK anything about that. Didn't follow witcher 3.
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