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Need For Speed MW 2012 won't start(NFS13)
Posted 8 years, 3 months ago
My NFS MW 2012 gives the following error: NFS13.exe-Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\d3d11.dll PLS HELP ME!
Posted 8 years, 3 months ago
Make sure you set your origin (or other launcher) to launch with whatever 'bit' you dxgi.dll, Like 64-bit. The game uses both by the looks of the game page, so you can't assume on one or the other. *Assuming everything like DX11.1 redistributable and other libraries are properly installed. It IS a DX11 error after all.
Posted 1 month ago
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