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LMB Preset - Simple Cinematic Realism

Preset for Homefront
Created by LethalManBoob
Added June 9, 2020
Updated 19 Jun 01:32 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This involves the use of the following shaders, in this order.. -------------------------------- prod80_06_FilmGrain - PD80 prod80_06_ChromaticAberration - PD80 FilmicGrade - fubax prod80_03_FilmicTonemap - PD80 FilmicAnamorphSharpen - fubax -------------------------------- vvv PLEASE READ vvv The sharpening may be too strong since I balanced it to work with enhanced 4xsgssaa. I also designed it to work with post processing disabled. Achieve this by disabling "depth of field". However, it works just fine with post processing enabled.
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PreprocessorDefinitions=FG_GRAIN_SMOOTHING=1 Techniques=prod80_06_FilmGrain,prod80_06_ChromaticAberration,FilmicGrade,prod80_03_FilmicTonemap,FilmicAnamorphSharpen TechniqueSorting=prod80_06_FilmGrain,prod80_06_ChromaticAberration,FilmicGrade,prod80_03_FilmicTonemap,FilmicAnamorphSharpen,Hejl2015,FXAA,SMAA,UIMask_Bottom,UIMask_Top [FilmicAnamorphSharpen.fx] Clamp=0.660000 Coefficient=0 DepthMask=1 DepthMaskContrast=2000 Offset=0.200000 Preview=0 Strength=20.000000 UseMask=0 [FilmicGrade.fx] Coefficients=0 LightControl=0.500000,0.000000 [PD80_03_Filmic_Adaptation.fx] adj_linear=1.000000 adj_shoulder=1.000000 adj_toe=1.000000 [PD80_06_Chromatic_Aberration.fx] CA=-2.113000 CA_curve=1.000000 CA_shapeX=1.000000 CA_shapeY=1.000000 CA_strength=1.000000 CA_type=2 CA_width=1.000000 degrees=0 depthCurve=1.000000 depthEnd=0.100000 depthStart=0.000000 display_depth=0 enable_depth_int=0 enable_depth_width=0 oX=0.000000 oY=0.000000 sampleSTEPS=32 show_CA=0 vignetteColor=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 [PD80_06_Film_Grain.fx] depthCurve=1.000000 depthEnd=0.100000 depthStart=0.000000 display_depth=0 enable_depth=0 enable_test=0 grainAdjust=1.000000 grainAmount=1.000000 grainBlur=0.005000 grainColor=1.000000 grainDensity=10.000000 grainIntensity=0.050000 grainIntHigh=1.000000 grainIntLow=1.000000 grainMotion=1 grainOrigColor=0 grainSize=2 use_negnoise=0


19 Jun 01:31 CEST

Minor changes to some stuff like the Chromatic abberation.

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