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CRT Cabinet mod

Created by Late_Shift
Added Oct. 2, 2021
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Adds CRT and technicolor effects to make it look like a Crt Cab. CRT.fx FXAA.fx Technicolor2.fx
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PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=FXAA@FXAA.fx,Technicolor2@Technicolor2.fx,AdvancedCRT@CRT.fx TechniqueSorting=FXAA@FXAA.fx,Technicolor2@Technicolor2.fx,AdvancedCRT@CRT.fx [CRT.fx] Amount=0.782000 Angle=0.000000,-0.045000 Brightness=1.445000 CornerSize=0.006000 Curvature=1 CurvatureRadius=2.000000 Gamma=2.400000 MonitorGamma=2.487000 Oversample=1 Overscan=1.010000 Resolution=3.000000 ScanlineGaussian=1 ScanlineIntensity=2 ViewerDistance=4.000000 [FXAA.fx] EdgeThreshold=0.000000 EdgeThresholdMin=0.000000 Subpix=1.000000 [Technicolor2.fx] Brightness=1.000000 ColorStrength=0.200000,0.200000,0.200000 Saturation=0.756000 Strength=1.000000


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