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by Esha

~ REPLICANT ReShade ~ v05

Created by phroZac
Added Aug. 14, 2016
Updated 22 May 00:25 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
The goal of REPLICANT ReShade is to emulate the dramatic lighting in Ridley Scott's 1982 classic, Blade Runner. The letterbox borders are only for screenshots. I get a solid 60 fps with this preset on a GTX 980ti playing at 2560x1600 with all settings maxed. >>DISABLE IN-GAME AA<< EFFECTS USED: Lumasharpen Tonemap Filmgrain Vignette SMAA FXAA Vibrance DPX Ambient Light Gaussian Anamflare FishEye CA YACA Technicolor >>INSTALLATION<< Download either: REPLICANT ReShade warm at: https://mega.nz/#!0R9S1LKR!FCMVPoawEBAuT7YHzid4dzYygheiGKQDCmnaU6-1BbU -OR- REPLICANT ReShade cool at: https://mega.nz/#!VFFjgILZ!GKIDgKo4aDtyhK3DH71bCXQ1to56iuq24uLjGTwPJf8 2. Extract the contents of the archive anywhere and then from inside the "~ REPLICANT ReShade ~" folder, copy all files into your Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut game folder normally located at: ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut. Overwrite when prompted. That's it! Revel in your time! When you start the game you should see the ReShade text pop up in the upper left indicating proper installation. >>Scroll Lock<< toggles on/off ReShade so you can see the difference the preset makes.
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25 Nov 04:52 CET

Also tried this preset on some other games and it worked fine.

25 Nov 04:46 CET

Narrowed the problem down: with ReShade64.dll (renamed either dxgi or d3d11) game starts, but reshade won't, with Reshade32.dll (renamed dxgi or d3d11) game crashes on launch.

25 Nov 03:16 CET

It also hasn't worked for me, downloading any of the versions you have uploaded. Rest of presets with SweetFX 1.5 works fine currently.
Any idea?

25 Nov 03:12 CET

I've tried .dll files from other reshade presets & it doesn't load the preset. Sweetfx works fine so i think the problem is somehow the dll file.

25 Nov 02:42 CET

I've tried both, still crash. What are the ingame settings for this preset? What DX version? Anti-aliasing on/off?

25 Oct 20:25 CEST

@ Soul - Hmmm. Have you tried renaming ReShade64.dll to d3d11 or dxgi? One of those should work. I can't really think of anything else that might be going wrong.

14 Sep 17:50 CEST

Daaymn! Just reinstalled deus ex only to notice it crashes on startup with this preset. Any ideas how to get it working? It used to work fine. I've turned of antialiasing, i disabled/enabled directx 11. I use win 7 64 bit.

13 Sep 23:48 CEST

Hi! Love your presets to bits, one of the best i've come by! Any chance you could release your preset for SOMA?

5 Aug 14:45 CEST

hi there..thanx for this
i hope u make new one for latest Reshade

14 Oct 14:33 CEST

@Dusan - you should be able to do it through the options menu. I uninstalled the game, so I can't check it atm.

8 Oct 21:11 CEST

@phroZac hey can you just tell me how to turn of the HUD, if it is possible anyway?

7 Oct 22:35 CEST

@dusan - haha, thx dude. I have no idea what I'm going to do next. I like space horror games...I recently did SOMA and Syndrome, actually, I never published my SOMA preset...

6 Oct 15:03 CEST

holy shit man, you are the best, i just created an account to say that :))
Anyway can you maybe tell what games in the future will you do-over??
all the best wishes!

29 Sep 12:21 CEST

@Hasrock - Looks like I may have turned down the strength of Tuningpalette. Some of those screenshots might be from an earlier version of the preset. The example you show from my preset is from the "cool" version. You can turn up the intensity of the LUT by opening Shaders_by_Ganossa.cfg in:

Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut\ReShade\Presets\Default

and changing this line:
#define TuningColorLUTIntensityChroma 0.80

to this:

#define TuningColorLUTIntensityChroma 1.00

Hope this helps!

28 Sep 07:09 CEST

Hi, thank you for this <3 but for a strange reason, it doesn't "load" correctly ( https://k61.kn3.net/61465F132.jpg )
https://k60.kn3.net/EA710F3CD.jpg off
https://k61.kn3.net/AF6E1CB2A.jpg on
http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/screenshot/43032/ tried both of your Warm and Cool but still, doesn't look like yours :c

18 Sep 13:49 CEST

Haha. I'm glad you like it, Bizz. Enjoy this awesome game, and then get Mankind Divided :)

4 Sep 05:40 CEST

My bad. Totally over-thought it. Just copy and paste the contents of the Replicate Cool folder - including the Reshade file and all-important DLL file. Here you went and dummy-proofed whole thing and I went and made it complicated just for kicks, apparently. ....Anyway, looks good. Pretty much exactly what I wanted after reviewing several presets. Thanks for making it.

4 Sep 05:05 CEST

I guess I'm over-matched. I downloaded "Replicate Cool." I opened up the "Reshade" folder and copied all of its contents into the main game directory. Not seeing any change. (Running DirectX 11)

19 Aug 11:42 CEST

Thanks! Glad you like. I think it's final now, but you never know. ;)

19 Aug 02:48 CEST

Great job, man! V4 is so much better than V1. Really cool to see this preset evolve. You know your way around Reshade ;)

16 Aug 20:36 CEST

Thanks, Neons! V03 is up. I think I got it a little closer to Blade Runner's look.

16 Aug 11:33 CEST

very nice!

14 Aug 18:38 CEST

@phroZac thank you

14 Aug 18:30 CEST

@CrazyGambler - uploaded a No Blur version, 2b :)

14 Aug 18:17 CEST

You can fix the HUD by turning off both Tiltshift and YACA. I don't mind the fuzziness. I'm more concerned with the image since as I prefer games to have little to no HUD.

The yellow warning you can ignore. The preset works fine, but I think it has to do with setting up Profiles in ReShade 2, which I don't bother with. If anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know!

14 Aug 17:14 CEST

Looks really good but it have 2 issues
UI is very fuzzy and during startup it comes up with "preprocessor warning: Could not find application profile, falling back to default"

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