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Arid Wasteland Preset

Preset for Borderlands
Created by Darksider-J
Added Jan. 16, 2017
Updated 10 Jul 01:54 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
English isn't my native language. Sorry. Adjustments in color, gamma (shadows, midtones and highlights) and contrast. Shadows will look darker. The sky and light sources will be brighter. Colors will be more vibrant. My goal wasn't to create a realistic look. Pandora will look like a sunny wasteland. Kind of... I created this preset for personal use, but then I decided to share it. Maybe someone likes it. ------------------- Effects: LUMASHARPEN LUT - I used the old mediator included in the old reshade 1.0 to adjust Vibrance, Tonemap, Lift Gamma and Contrast and then generated the Lut containing the changes. Less active filters are always good, but you can disable the lut and activate the shaders one by one and edit as you like. DPX CROSS PROCESS: This shader is not yet included in the Reshade 3.0 installation so you need to get it here: https://reshade.me/forum/shader-suggestions/2441-requests-for-effect-ports-to-reshade-3-0?start=40 - It's simple: 1 - Just create a copy of one of the shaders in the shaders folder. 2 - Open it in notepad and delete everything. 3 - Go to the page and copy the shader you see in the first post and then paste it into the shader that is open in the notepad. Click save. 4 - Rename the file to Cross Process or something. 5 - Start playing. BLOOM DEBAND FXAA FILM GRAIN ------------------------------- INSTALLATION: Extract the preset to where Reshade is installed. (IN MY CASE: E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Borderlands\Binaries) Extract the lut.png to reshade-shaders\textures (IM MY CASE: E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Borderlands\Binaries\reshade-shaders\textures) IMPORTANT: Go to reshade-shaders\shaders and open the LUT shader. Check and edit the first few lines as described below or it will not work properly. Click save. #ifndef fLUT_TextureName #define fLUT_TextureName "lut.png" #endif #ifndef fLUT_TileSizeXY #define fLUT_TileSizeXY 16 #endif #ifndef fLUT_TileAmount #define fLUT_TileAmount 16 #endif
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