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Created by jon30rockaholic
Added Dec. 2, 2015
Updated 24 Jan 22:15 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This preset was made with performance in mind. It only has a 1 to 2 FPS impact on performance. It is great for competitive playing because it really boosts clarity. I use this preset and own most matches. I use T-AA + MSAA 2X in-game settings for anti-aliasing. Other anti-aliasing settings may make sharpening look too strong or too weak, but it still shouldn't look bad. This Reshade preset includes the following features:
Lumasharpen Levels DPX Lift Gamma Gain Vibrance (used for slight desaturation) Curves Dither
Update v1.1: Inceased the mid-range gamma.
Download preset Show / Hide settings
Extract the following Reshade zip file into your Rainbow Six Siege directory to install the preset: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ry34n46asup950v/.SiegeEnhance%28%29_v1.1.zip


19 Sep 15:45 CEST

The Reshade folder contains all of the files that can be used to change the preset. I only modified the SweetFX.cfg file.

27 Aug 19:59 CEST

What I mean is: where is the preset file? So I can play around with it

27 Aug 19:47 CEST

Dude the preset file only contains the link to the download of the zip file, and I can't understand which file in the zip file is your config. To me, it just looks like the default settings kick in

12 May 09:56 CEST


That really sucks man. It works great for me. You can make your own you know. This was made for my particular monitor and game settings. I only uploaded it for other people to experiment with it and adjust it for their setup. You should have tested the shit out offline before using it online. Also, your PC must suck ass. It only has a 1 to 2 FPS impact for me.

6 Apr 05:46 CEST

I just created an account to tell you that this fucking setting is fucking bullshit. I used it for months because that I thought it'd actually enhance the visability but it does the opposite. Today I turned it off to see why my performance sucks so much and I see every enemy crystal clear. Fucking bullshit. You guys fucked me big time!

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