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Rainbow Six®: Siege

Entry created by Mr1nkredible
Added Sept. 25, 2015


5 Jan 12:46 CET

Which person to find more obvious? (Reshadeor SweetFX)

3 Jan 11:39 CET

R6 Siege uses Battle Eye for its anti-cheat protection. As a result Reshade or SweetFX are allowed.
"Generally we only ever ban for the use of actual cheats/hacks or components of such hacks which are designed to intentionally bypass BE’s protection. Otherwise you don’t need to worry about getting banned. For example, non-cheat overlays and visual enhancement tools like SweetFX are fully supported. We might decide to kick (not ban) you at some point for using a specific program (such as macro tools), but that won’t automatically flag you as a cheater."

1 Jan 09:23 CET

Yes, Reshade is working at present! :)

16 Aug 01:07 CEST

Is reshade still usable with the new anti cheat?

15 Jun 07:37 CEST

Check out June 15, 2016 by WiSE.Xeanoz

I think you guys will enjoy it!

25 Sep 13:22 CEST

Awesome, looking forward to it. Using RU_KNGS Armored Warfare Config 1.0 atm..

25 Sep 08:52 CEST

Once my beta download is finished I will get to work on a my first public preset!

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