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Ultra Sharp

Preset for Battlefield 1
Created by jon30rockaholic
Added Aug. 30, 2016
Updated 31 Aug 14:06 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This Reshade preset was made for use with the Ultra in-game graphics preset. TAA must be used or else sharpening will be way too high. The sharpening in this preset is already really high, so without TAA it would just be too much. This preset was made using Reshade 2.0.3 with Framework 1.1 . The preset uses a bunch of different effects from the Reshade Framework to increase brightness, sharpness, contrast, vibrancy, and more. To install, just extract all files from the UltraSharp.zip into your BF1 directory. Also, this only works in DX11 mode. Reshade 2.0.3 doesn't support DX12.
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Extract all content to your BF1 directory. Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4z0p2x7j6b3scvr/UltraSharp.zip


30 Nov 16:01 CET

@Nolimit @li9uid
This preset won't work correctly with ReShade_0.18.0_Public_Beta_with_SweetFX_2.0 because that is used only for the SweetFX shader suite. My preset uses shaders from the Reshade Framework.

It's hard telling if EA allows Reshade for online gaming, but I'm willing to bet that it is perfectly safe as it has been for previous Battlefield games.

31 Oct 19:12 CET

Can you explain what to do with ReShade_0.18.0_Public_Beta_with_SweetFX_2.0 ?

Im happy it works for you but i cant get it running without getting sweetfx error at start.

31 Oct 15:47 CET

Is this save for Online Gaming?
Or can coming a Ban for Use this Preset?

And work this preset or not?

31 Oct 08:39 CET

Little to sharp for my liking but a nice preset nevertheless. Had to use ReShade_0.18.0_Public_Beta_with_SweetFX_2.0 to get this to work with final version otherwise no keyboard. Thanks

30 Oct 22:08 CET

With my configuration 60fps all of time

- i7 4770K OC 3,5 > 4Ghz
- 16Go RAM DDR3
- GTX970 HoF 4Go OC
- Windows 10 x64 light & debloat
- AVG PC TuneUp Game mod everytime !

1920x1080 all the details ultra

30 Oct 22:04 CET

Nice work bro ! Best preset for this game !
Just copy this > http://www.mediafire.com/download/4z0p2x7j6b3scvr/UltraSharp.zip to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 1 and on/off with Undef toggle !

5 Sep 16:39 CEST

There really isn't anything to fix. The only way to reduce the performance hit would be to use different shaders, but that would greatly reduce the look of the preset. Unfortunately that's just how this preset is. It uses demanding shaders. I just uploaded a more subtle performance preset, but it won't have the crazy effect that this preset has. Here is the preset that I just uploaded: http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/6072/

5 Sep 10:26 CEST

@jon30rockaholic are u going to fix the FPS drop? 'Cuz with your SweetFX preset enabled I lost 15 FPS in game...without the preset, all on ULTRA settings (HBAO and TAA) I get 90-95 FPS with my GTX 980 Strix, but with your SweetFX I get around 70-75 FPS :(
Hope you're gonna fix this as soon as possible, 'cuz your preset is Super COOL!!! :D

1 Sep 12:20 CEST

Thank you @jon30rockaholic I fixed it somehow! Now works GREAT! DX12 OFF Guys!
See ya on the Battlefield Soldiers :D

1 Sep 07:43 CEST

Wow really epic shader. I hope this works for the full game on release. Thank you for this, really well done.

If people have problem:

1 Sep 03:42 CEST

It's in the download link in the text file you get from hitting the "Download preset" button on this page. If you already have Reshade 2.0.3 with Framework 1.1 installed, then all you need to do is copy over the Reshade folder from the UltraSharp zip file.

1 Sep 03:39 CEST

Yeah. It uses some demanding shaders. The lower your FPS is without Reshade, the less of a performance hit you will take with Reshade enabled. I might try to tweak it a bit to make it more performance friendly in the future. I also might make a less sharp version of it.

1 Sep 03:37 CEST

Did you happen to turn on the DX12 mode in the video settings? If so, then that is why it stopped working for you. It only works in DX11 mode. I just tested, and it still works for me.

31 Aug 23:41 CEST

Nice preset but it costs 10-15fps.

31 Aug 23:40 CEST

Maybe DICE fixed the BETA to avoid the use of something like SweetFX??! HELPPPPPPPPPPP

31 Aug 23:39 CEST

NEED HELP! Preset doesn`t work anymore!!! Why?? I`ve already tried to reinstall it but NOTHING!

31 Aug 22:51 CEST

nice preset man , gj

31 Aug 21:53 CEST

wheri can find "" ultrasharp.zip " ..

I have reshade 2.0.3 with framework1.1 and i down preset but i dont find ultrasharp.zip.

plz :(

31 Aug 13:36 CEST


31 Aug 10:22 CEST

Your welcome! Glad you like it!

31 Aug 09:14 CEST

Thank you so much jon30rockaholic !!!
Now Bf1 looks Ultrarealistic!!! Love the way thism sweetFX makes it so photorealistic, just awesome!!! Before this, the default graphic looks like shit Lol all blurred and covered by a sort of transparent film...Thank you very much again! ^TOP^

31 Aug 08:52 CEST

loading effect.. failed

31 Aug 06:11 CEST

Perhaps you didn't extract the content of the archive to the correct location. It needs to be where the BF1 executable file is located. Or maybe you have some other application interfering with it.

31 Aug 04:39 CEST

Why did not it work?

31 Aug 04:38 CEST

not work,

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