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Far Cry 4

Entry created by mausi125
Added Nov. 15, 2014

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
Beautiful Far Cry 4 V2 (balanced colors) Oct. 25, 2015 WhiteWolf 19 1673 ReShade
Beautiful Far Cry 4 V3 June 22, 2016 WhiteWolf 3 1469 ReShade
Betterplay - Color, Lighting and Sharp July 21, 2016 JumperXxS 15 1234 SweetFX 2.0
Cakals Sweetfx (Realism True Colors HD) Nov. 19, 2014 bosnaks 48 2305 SweetFX 1.5
Cinematic A.F. June 26, 2017 AssassinsDecree 10 1308 ReShade
Cookie's Preset Dec. 7, 2014 cookie 5 819 SweetFX 1.5
Far Cry 4_Awakening Nov. 15, 2014 mausi125 4 2528 SweetFX 1.5
Far Cry 4 Beautiful Vibrant Colors March 10, 2015 bedscenez 7 1882 SweetFX 1.5
Far Cry4 Beyond Ultra // 2018 April 1, 2018 yuley93 7 1874 ReShade
Far Cry 4 NEW*ULTRA Realism CiNE FX v1.3 Nov. 16, 2014 Da_Rellik 21 9561 SweetFX 1.5
[Far Cry 4 REDUX] March 11, 2015 geoman88 8 2474 Other
Far Cry 4 - SS Jan. 25, 2015 ss-89 10 2683 SweetFX 2.0
GreyAway for Far Cry 4 May 17, 2015 x-ray 20 1631 SweetFX 2.0
hdr far cry 4 March 8, 2018 Chitrasen 0 607 SweetFX 2.0
K-putt'e Config Nov. 16, 2014 K-putt 8 12613 SweetFX 1.5
Less cartoon ish look Aug. 25, 2016 Boomkop3 14 735 SweetFX 1.5
Millenium One FC4 V1.1 March 13, 2018 Bonaparte 4 972 ReShade
More saturated and without soap Dec. 25, 2014 -HaVoK- 8 1139 SweetFX 1.5
MTechpark Preset V2 - Far Cry 4 May 24, 2015 multitechnopark 0 920 SweetFX 2.0
Oiram's Color Boost Feb. 6, 2015 Oiramsenun 4 897 eFX
OmniFX v1.0 April 26, 2015 Omnipotus 5 1009 SweetFX 2.0
PhotoRealismFX v1.0 July 6, 2015 SFXObsessed 23 1591 SweetFX 1.5
Realighting April 7, 2015 Vlidus 6 902 MasterEffect
Subtle vibrance Feb. 17, 2015 Messatsu 2 784 Other
Time to Survive Nov. 17, 2014 Vlideogamer 19 1520 SweetFX 1.5
_× Ultra Realistic ×_ July 25, 2017 Owais.ubm 0 1117 ReShade
Vibrant Realism - FXAA+Vibrance Nov. 24, 2014 BitRain 3 3945 SweetFX 1.5
WARR1 (A) Dec. 10, 2014 Noirze 6 1012 SweetFX 1.5
WARR2 (A) Dec. 11, 2014 Noirze 8 837 SweetFX 1.5
WARR (X) Jan. 2, 2015 Noirze 14 1016 SweetFX 1.5
xvt Aug. 25, 2017 xvt 6 923 ReShade


6 Jun 04:00 CEST

From older Reshade with SweetFX (non 3.0/+) presets I like Time to Survive the best. Just decrease contrast in options if it's too saturated or too bright, and maybe brightness for one point.

27 Dec 17:44 CET

Gameplay with amazing Cine FX preset by Da_Rellik: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAvEg-VNfUU

29 Jun 19:57 CEST

hmm, i got it to apply Quentin's - Cinematic HD FX but it just makes everything blurry - not sure why?

17 May 04:29 CEST

after very long hours and days of work i finally finished GreyAway for Far Cry 4. i hope you appreciate the work and might check it out. thanks.

31 Jan 01:30 CET

Got it to work with radeon pro.
Disabled uplay, setup radeon pro, I have to cycle between fullscreen and windowed to get it to hook.

29 Jan 03:25 CET

Damn. Thanks man, but I get compiler failed with 2 errors.
SMAA syntax error # X3000

18 Jan 21:44 CET

I got it to work with this:

Its the ReShade + SweetFX 2.0 version with the dxgi.dll it created for Cod:AW (the autodetection on FarCry4.exe fails)

11 Jan 21:45 CET

Radeon pro just didn't hook at all though. No change.

11 Jan 21:44 CET

I just don't think its possible. I can't believe you guys can get it working!
I tried all the presets, the configurator, radeon pro, and two different sweet fx versions.

Crash on startup every time. No errors in log.

16 Dec 05:04 CET

THANK YOU SHIZZ. Those files worked for me using radeon pro. I also tried putting them just with the exe, like many other games, and still got the crash. But at least it works with this method! Thank you for uploading them--hopefully they can help others too :)

15 Dec 20:06 CET

Well, let's try this: Use the exact same version that I am using. I uploaded it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/lb7ymwkaga02noc/fc4.rar

I noticed that sometimes RadeonPro loads fine, but then it 'un-loads' after the first screen where you press Enter. The only fix I know for this is switching between windowed/borderless/fullscreen until it works again (If you use the preset I uploaded, you will notice the difference right on the menu; it's a modified version of Da_Rellik's preset).
If this doesn't work, then I don't know what else to do :c I was just like you and everyone else here, trying every possible method until this one worked out for me.

15 Dec 06:43 CET

Okay, I have followed every step in your post Shizz, and I still do not see sweetfx config being loaded. I do see the FPS viewer that RadeonPro has on by default. I can toggle Sweetfx, and see in the top-right it change on and off. The game itself does not look any different. I've tried several presets, and I've made sure to remove comments. I've used exaggerated settings after not seeing any difference, such as high vibrance and tonemap, and still can't see a difference when toggling the effect.

14 Dec 06:06 CET

If you're on Nvidia hardware, RadeonPro won't do any extra stuff besides injecting sweetfx, as far as I know. All the tweaks and configs only work on AMD, for nvidia users I think it's just a way around to inject shaders.

14 Dec 05:53 CET

Radeon Pro doesn't even catch Far Cry 4 for me... I add the shortcut commands -skipintro, and game ignores it. Works fine if I have this line on a shortcut on desktop.

12 Dec 03:33 CET

Also, make sure to run the game on Fullscreen. If you're using Borderless (Like I was doing), RadeonPro won't work at all.
To summarize:
-Use SFX 1.5.1 with x64 dlls
-Run SFX through RadeonPro
-Open Sweetfx_Settings.txt and delete everything above " /Choose Effects/ "
-Import settings manually on RadeonPro
-Launch game from RadeonPro list and make sure you're using Fullscreen mode on game settings.

12 Dec 03:26 CET

I found something that worked for me: Run SweetFX via RadeonPro, but make sure to DELETE HEADERS / DEVELOPER NOTES from the SweetFX_Settings file. Just delete everything above '/Choose Effects/'. I found out that most of the time this section contains stupid and unnecesary special characters and stuff that somehow get in the way when the program needs to read the settings.
This is also detailed in this tutorial that shows how to use SweetFX with RadeonPro on Windows 8.1 (Though I'm using Windows 7 x64, and it works for me using this exact method): http://www.overclock.net/t/1485750/how-to-use-sweetfx-in-windows-8-1

Just do every single step and it will work.

8 Dec 16:57 CET

I have yet to try this: ON youtube some guy told me this:

"Also make sure you use a preset made for 1.5.1 or copy the values from current preset to a stock 1.5.1 as that also can make it crash (i.e if using presets for 1.3-1.4 etc)."

7 Dec 07:02 CET

I get same errors as jonathan1107. I am also on the GTX 970

6 Dec 04:32 CET

this is what's found in my sweetfx log:

22:30:57] D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain redirected successfully
[22:30:57] Hooking swapchain...
[22:30:57] D3D10CreateDeviceAndSwapChain failed: 0000000080070057 !
[22:31:01] D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain failed: 0000000080070057 !

6 Dec 04:22 CET

(here's a more detailed version of what I've tried to make sweetfx work with farcry4... still haven'T succeeded :(

For the love of God I can't get sweetfx to work with farcry 4 on my computer. I tried litteraly everything my mind can come up with. Searched on forums... soooo desperate lol...

Here are the things I tried:
(I have a GTX 970 nvidia card with windows 7 64 bit, graphics card is OC'ed using MSI AB and RivaTuner Statistics server for FPS monitoring along with temps and whatnot)

- Tried running rivatuner's d3d compatibility mode (on vs off)
- Tried the game fullscreen vs borderless
- Tried all the versions of Sweetfx there is (1.4 ... 1.5... boulotaur's version ... SFXconfig 1.4) evvvvverything...
- Tried compatibility mode (vista sp1 sp2 u name it)
- Tried disabling desktop composition
- Tried running as admin (my UAC is disabled anyhow)
- Tried everything.

The closest I've gotten it to work is using the SFXConfig utilty presented in this video. I get a "farcry4.exe has stopped working" when trying to launch the game (I have the skipintro affix to the shortcut)

The error message says that "dxgi.dll is the faulty file" and when running in vista compatibility mode "ntdll.dll" is the faulty file apparantly...

What on Earth must I do for sweetfx to work with farcry 4 ???

6 Dec 04:01 CET

@ AziD

I tried your suggestion and used the SFXconfig (1.4) copied everything in the bin folder and then updated all the presets and selected kputt's config for farcry 4...

And now my game won't even start (I get the FarCry4.exe has stopped working) and the faulty file is found to be "dxgi.dll" when running the farcry.exe file normally and "ntdll" when running the game in vista sp2 compatibility mode.

I've been trying to get sweetfx to work with this game this whole day... still no success...

I've NEVER had such a hard time with sweetfx like this ever before...

3 Dec 18:29 CET

SfxConfig more info here: http://sfx.thelazy.net/forum/sweetfx/44/

3 Dec 18:24 CET

For those struggling to get this to work. I used SFXconfig. I dont remember where I got it, but its made of author (s) of this site and you can even update the same config thats hosted here. Just load preset, then click save settings (brose to game exe, and the program does the rest. This version is with sweetfx 1.5.1

Preview screenie: http://i59.tinypic.com/2qwlatz.jpg

Download: http://www.filedropper.com/sfxconfig14_1

Download mirror: https://anonfiles.com/file/546b63849ba18dc04ddc8a7298e8e547

27 Nov 09:51 CET

I am also not getting sweetfx to work. I have tried 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.5.1, eFX, a special Win8 version, and RadeonPro and GeDoSaTo. None pick up the game. If I use the x64 dll, I get this crash,

[12:02:33] D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain redirected successfully [12:02:33] Hooking swapchain... [12:02:33] D3D10CreateDeviceAndSwapChain failed: 0000000080070057 !

25 Nov 16:34 CET

Hi guys,
Im sorry but i need some help.I don't get it coz i have done nothing wrong yet my sweetFX is working and activated but I just can't enable and disable it whenever i want. My toggle keys aren't working. If someone can help me pleae

23 Nov 08:35 CET

'Levels' is just to set the True Black and WHite levels.. replace your current sweetFX files with this LATEST one.. Version 1.5.1 (if you are using WIndows 8 or 7 64Bit).. LINK HERE: DOWNLOAD SWEETFX 1.5.1 x64/32bit HERE: http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=998194

23 Nov 01:23 CET

download readon pro and add sweetfix

22 Nov 12:24 CET

I threw the file in the folder "Far Cry 4\bin", but your filter is not working! What could be the problem?

19 Nov 14:08 CET

Hello, I'm on windows 7 and was getting crashes with sweetfx in far cry, tried running on compatibility mode, editing the gameprofile, but one thing made the sweetfx work without a problem: Not using the LEVELS effect.
I'm not running on compatibility mode anymore and it's running without a problem.

18 Nov 17:00 CET

now working thank you

18 Nov 15:54 CET

whıch folder send sweetfix far cry4 bin?

18 Nov 15:17 CET

Works perfectly on Win 8.1 and Radeon Pro. THX and continue your great work!

16 Nov 20:53 CET

Gave my settings a little tweak. Upload new screens 2morrow

16 Nov 15:41 CET

Updated my MOD FX version to v1.2

*WORTH HAVING A LOOK AT IT AND TRYING IT OUT, PLEASE SHARE! My primary focus is on realism in Graphics and shades in games.. it will help me improve with feedback. Thank you.

16 Nov 14:54 CET

thank you

16 Nov 03:04 CET

To add to my post below:

Used the dlls in the X64_dll's folder

16 Nov 02:48 CET

• Download SweetFX files in link below

• http://goo.gl/W2kZQQ

• Drop the files into the Far Cry 4 bin folder

• Download the Preset overwriting SweetFX_settings in bin folder

• You won't need RadeonPro!

• Just Run Far Cry 4 in compatibility mode for Vista SP2

• If it stops working in game again

• Just press the pause key on your keyboard to reload SweetFX

• Happy Day's

16 Nov 01:34 CET

how folder install my game steam

16 Nov 00:42 CET

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • Guide for Windows 7 or 8.1 Users • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• DOWNLOAD the RadeonPro SweetFX files in the link below, Includes the RadeonPro Darkness Fix

• http://www.mediafire.com/download/hojgaawv0m9yqsm/SweetFX_1.5.1.rar

• THEN set up those files above to run in RadeonPro {Watch Help video below }

• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHGd1wwyILI

• DOWNLOAD My Preset and Import it into RadeonPro as the video above shows

• Thanks to CeeJay.dk + drogean2 for SweetFX and RadeonPro 1.5.1 Darkness Fix

15 Nov 20:06 CET

Where to install how file?

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